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Hello everybody, First of all I would like to apologize for such a large post. This is my first post on the global forums, so let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Tommy C, otherwise known in the community by _ToxicMC_, and I am the Co-Owner/Founder of MineSuperior. I have not been very active in the past few weeks, because my computer has been broken, and I am very held back because my laptop can not run the things that I need it to run. I am hoping that by the end o the week my computer will be fully working. Once I am back, I plan on being very active and actually getting work done. After I get settled, I plan on making some major changes.

I would like to discuss what will be changed below:

A lot of people have been asking what our PlugDJ is. If you want to chat, listen to music, and DJ some music, then Click Here.

There will be a new lobby coming soon! This means that there will be an entire new map, along with some features, like gadgets, and many more things which will be kept concealed untill they are released.

Regular Factions:
Ranks will finally transfer there, and there will be more packages on our webstore. There will be a balance reset and the money glitches will be patched. The factions plugin will be fixed as well. I will aslo be finishing crates.

There will be a new spawn, and all new mines. There will be many, many new features, which will not be discussed at this time.

We will be adding a new map! We will also be adding 1v1s, 2v2s, 3v3s, and so on. We will also be adding a King of The Hill event, so you will have more options other than running out and killing people. There will also be minor cosmetic changes to donator ranks.

We will be implementing more arenas into the server, so that you will have more of a choice on where or who you want to pvp with. There will also be a new "SoupCore" idea that will add FastSoup, features that only Soup Bowls can be dropped, and many more things that will remain concealed untill the release.

We will be adding a new parkour server, that will remain completely concealed for a surprise release.

There will be a new spawn and many new maps being added. Kits will be re-done and the rest of the global ranks will be added.

The server color scheme and language features will be changed to match the rest of the network.

Voting will be re-done across all servers. All servers will be minorly changed so that they all have the same color scheme.

If me or a staff member think of any more things that might need to be changed, this post will be edited. I would like you all to comment any ideas that you have for the network below. If you have any questions, please comment below. Thank you guys for reading, and lets hope for a good future for MineSuperior!

My Twitter: Click Here

Tommy C (_ToxicMC_)

[Member] ItzAndleb awesome, cant wait for crates on factions!
[Co-Own] _ToxicMC_ a Factions will support global donations soon. After that, we plan on returing all permissions from the old server.
[Member] azeoffecial Hey _toxic_ can you fix so we on twisted also get a disqount please <3 and btw when reactive didnt split up i had kit ...

Hello all, my name is iTzTripelnox, also mainly known as Tomnnnn, or tom. Beacuse im not known to well in the network, ill start off my introducing myself.

My name is Cole. My in-game is iTzTripelnox, I changed it from Tomnnnn. I am the manager of both PotionPvP and SoupPvP. As you can see, I like pvping... 

Now with the more important stuff. The upcoming features I have planned. Heres a list of what I have planned...:


  • New map
  • Revamp on the Titian rank (Superior rank as known globally)
  • 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 duels. (might be a while for this one...)
  • KOTH
  • More cosmetic things to go with the donor ranks. 


  • New map (Already done)
  • Revamp on all kits.
  • Adding more kits
  • Adding more arenas
  • Hats that don't affect your armor (Donor only)

This list will be updated soon as things get done and as new things get added.

I know SoupPvP and PotionPvP are not the two most popular servers on the MineSuperior network, but I hope to change that.

Best regards, 

      iTzTripelnox (Soup and PotionPvP Manager)