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Hi all,
As of recently you may be hearing rumors that we are working on adding a new donator rank.
Well today I'd like to publically state that we are adding another donator rank, which is called King.
King will be priced around 60-75 USD when it is released and will be a global rank (Except for Factions, we are still working on that).
Upgrade paths for Superiors will be simple, around 20-30 USD from Superior to obtain King. It will cost 20 USD for Superiors who donate before August 1st and will be 30 USD for superiors who donate after August 1st. This is to show we care for our loyal players.
King isn't meant to be anything above Superior, King is meant to be a way of showing that you support the server and all we that do over at MineSuperior.
The only redeeming feature that King will have is the ability to use WorldEdit on your faction land on OPFactions Insanity. Making bases will become a thing of the past. Adding this ability will be even more insanely stupid compared to allowing creative, but here at MineSuperior, we like pushing our limits, sometimes way too much...
Anyway, King is expected to launch August 1st with its corresponding upgrades on the store.
If anyone has questions regarding King, you can contact me on these forums, the support email, or through my twitter. All of which you can find below.
Twitter: @mullryan49 (https://twitter.com/mullryan49)
Email: infominesuperior@gmail.com
Thanks for reading,
Ryan - TitanicFreak
[Member] SwePotato lol nice idea nue
[Member] Dan_X_Awesome Could they also get dispenser tools or is that just to much?
[Member] TigerPlays This is OP dam.


[Admin] DragonzAreBoss a posted Fri at 14:15

Vote Contest
The end of the month has come again.
Thank you to everyone who voted for this month, you should always try your best to aim to be a top 3 voters to receive amazing rewards!

Top voters for this month are:

 ChubbyAsian - £15

  NueToTheGame - £10

 Creationz - £5

Congratulations to all the winners, Please contact Ryan (TitanicFreak) for your voucher if you want it on MineSuperior Network. Contact zB0SSHD if you want the voucher on ArcPvP.

Votes Reset
All votes has reset officially again, the top 3 voters will receive a voucher to use at our shop.

You can vote every 24 hours at www.minesuperior.com/vote

You can view the top voters at www.minesuperior.com/vote

Congrulations to the top voters and thank you for voting for this month.
As always, thank you for being a part of MineSuperior Community!

[Admin] DragonzAreBoss a oh. xD I updated it now.
[Member] ChubbyAsian Umm I am actually supposed to be first place... ;p. Anonymous is a computer generated voter because if you don't put a n ...