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    Application Expectations

    Stuckey o posted 22 hours ago

    Things are chaging everybody...

    These forums were in absoloute chaos a meer week ago. My job is to basically fix that and inform staff of any problems they have. Tying into this idea, I moderate staff applications, this does not mean I accept them. I simply get rid of the bad ones so other staff don't have to sort through them by hand. To help with this we have incorperated some new guidelines for applications. All requirements and format of applications can be found here:

    Staff that check forums themselves and give feedback listen to the following policy:

    • Be extremely strict.
    • In order to post an application you must have at least 10, non-spam, posts on the MS forums.
    • If someone can't follow instructions, they won't be staff.
    • All questions must be answered.
      • Not doing so will lead to instant application denial.
    • In the case that your application is denied, you are allowed to make a new one.
      • The one exception being if you are blacklisted.
    • Ensure the thread title is in the exact format it is supposed to be. (Can be found on format itself)
      • Not having the correct title will lead to instant denial.
      • Staff will not change the name for you.
    • Ensure that the application is not violating and rules. (Advertising for example)
      • This may lead to your application being completley deleted. 
    • Ensure that the application is not a duplicate.
      • Having two duplicate applications to the same server will lead to instant denial of both applications.
      • No punishment for having two duplicate applications for different servers.
    • You are not allowed to apply if you are 12 years of age or younger.
      • Result in instant denial.
      • Staff chats can get very vulgar at times.
      • Older people have more maturity... fact!
      • Current staff under the age of 12 are exempt from this.
    • Ensure the application is not plagarism.
      • Plagarism will lead to an instant blacklist.
    • If it is a joke application:
      • Blacklist instantly.
    • After two denied applications, if you fail on your third application, you will be blacklisted.

    Applications that were made before this post will have 24 hours to update from time of posting before they start being denied. We don't need staff that are immature and can't follow simple rules on our Network. If you have any questions PM me!

    Thanks for reading,

    Stuckey || Community Manager

    NetflixzAndChill What if a 12-year old like myself is very mature, but they cannot apply? That is unfair but I will not go against the ru...
    UberToast This is so good, Thanks Stuckey
    Stuckey o No TofuDelivery Plus, its not difficult to get 10 posts to begin with.

    Network Status Update

    TitanicFreak a posted Fri at 18:29
    There's been an alarming rate of confusion among the community regarding the most recent addition of ReactiveMC. I feel like some Q/A action is needed. So lets get to it.
    For reference, MS = MineSuperior and RMC = ReactiveMC if you don't understand the abbreviations.
    Encase you have been living under a rock, ReactiveMC and MineSuperior merged today, we made a post on RMC's forums earlier this week regarding the merge. And so far the merge has been going well, however some things still need to be worked on and some questions still need answering. So let's resolve that.
    Q: I had a donator rank on an old RMC server? Do I get my rank on the rest of MS?
    A: Yes you do, we're slowly reprocessing all of the old rank returns on RMC's forums so everyone has a MS rank. If you didn't create a rank return thread, you can open a thread here, (, and we'll look into it on your behalf.
    Q: I have a MS donator rank and I don't have the rank on some servers (Such as SkyBlock Fire), can I get my rank on there?
    A: Yes you can actually, just open a thread here, (, and we'll correct your rank so its present on the newer servers.
    Q: What new servers came with the RMC and MS merge?
    A: SkyBlock Fire, the old RMC SkyBlock, to all MS players is just a brand new skyblock.
    Q: What is SkyBlock Ice?
    A: The old SkyBlock server that was present on MineSuperior, nothing has been reset on there. If you don't want a reset, then SkyBlock Ice is where you should be headed.
    That should answer all of the major questions regarding the merge, if any other major questions appear, I'll add them to the Q/A list above.
    And if you need me for whatever reason, I strongly recommend you contacting me on twitter,
    Thanks for reading,
    Ryan - TitanicFreak
    ToxiicPvP Why is buycraft broken?