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My Resignation Letter

lokicraft1 posted Wed at 20:59

Let me take a moment to introduce myself
I am Lokicraft. I Was G-Manager of MS (g-manager = Global Manager).
But due to some recent events, and with a heavy heart
I must say my good bye's to this amazing network.
It has brought me almost 8 months of gratitude and fun
I have never loved a network like I do with MS
Resigning wasn't an easy task either, I feel as if I have let you all down by resigning.
But all great things have to end.
I wish the best to all MS staff and that they have as pleasant experience here at MS as I did.

To all the players
you are the reason that I strived to do my best every day for 8 months. 
It is also no one's fault for my resignation, I just feel as if it’s the best for me.
MS Will move on without me, that’s the most heartbreaking part of all of this.
The fact that I know MS doesn't need me anymore.
It won't be easy for me to get over MS.
I mean like, with all the late night talks about conspiracies
and all the dirty jokes (I won't lie, I did at least 50% of the dirty jokes)
And I will never work on another server with this great of a staff team.
Nor will I ever work on another server with owners like these.
Words cannot describe how dedicated _ToxicMC_ and TitanicFreak are.
Never did I see them lose hope in the server, even at the worst of times.
And I'm just happy to say that I was able to stick with them through those times.
And even happier to be able to not just call them friends, but to call them family.
Because through thick and thin they were always there for me. 
I also have lied to every single one of you, and I’d like to get this off my chest...
I am a unicorn :D
No but seriously, I am only 14.
This may not matter to some of you but, I have lied about my age for 8 months now.
I always said that I was 15.
Only some of my most trusted friend on MS knew my real age.
But now you all do. 
And with that, I will say my final good bye.
I love each and every one of you.
I will never forget this network or the people who play on it.
And I wish the best to all of you <3 
Sincerely - Lokicraft


Hey guys! Nuxxy here to re-announce the news said a couple of weeks ago. As many of you already know, PotionPvP and SoupPvP are shutting down, permanently. Don't worry though... New things will be in its place! The details on these new things will be announced on a later date not yet confirmed, but will be somewhere near the end of september. 

In the meantime, SoupPvP and PotionPvP will be up and running till the release of these new servers. But, there will be events on both servers, celebrating the new Era of PvP on MineSuperior.

These events will be all month long, starting on August 26th, 2015, and will go on till the release of the new servers. The Events will start with a full reset on the 26th. This is to accommodate the debuffed donor kits to make it easier for members and lower donors to have more of a chance in a fight with other Donors. The details on the events will be announced in a later post. 

Follow my twitter for more updates! @NuxxyBoo

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