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Spectrum 1.1

[Admin] NuxxyBoo posted Sep 23, 15

Hey guys! Nuxxy here again, and today I have another Update to announce, this time for PotionPvP! I’d like to start off by saying sorry, for not doing my job, I’ve been slaking on my work for the past couple of weeks but I’m really to change that. There is going to be a lot of improvements on both potion and soup in the next couple of weeks. I hope you guys enjoy :)

To get to the point, here’s a list of possible changes,

Spectrum 1.1:

  • Removing Donor ranks, to make it more fair for members, also to make it non-Pay To Win. I feel like a lot of players will love this, but there will be a share of haters too...
  • Monthly resets, these will not be full out resets with a new map etc. it will be just stats. To go along with this, I am making it into a contest. Each month before the reset, the Top 10 players for that month will be posted on the website, the Top 3 players will receive a prize, the prizes have not yet been decided, and don't be expecting anything extremely good. (Not confirmed, but highly possible)
  • New staff
  • KoTH's re-done
  • With donor kits being removed, I am thinking of cosmetic things to add. One of my ideas is called "spectating mode". This is basically a mode where you can fly around, watching people pvp, without having to worry about dying. You can't pvp in this mode and when you get out of it, you get teleported back to spawn. Also, this mode/command will be blocked in pvp/the arena, so people don’t go into it during pvp.
  • Permissions are also being re-written, but this won’t affect anyone besides staff. 

For now, that’s it. Thanks for reading, I hope to see you on PotionPvP!

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~Nuxxy, PvP Manager


[Member] UberToast Having no ranks on any server would be terrible what would the people like me do if they payed 40 dollars then there ran ...
[Member] Xx_SayWhaaaaa_xX the no ranks would be awesome would that be for all servers? and also you should add the 1v1 plugin
[Member] __iron__man MINESUPERIOR.COM iS awesome yeah i stop useing caps your welcome

Soup Update

[Admin] NuxxyBoo posted Sep 11, 15

The PvP tournament is being moved to Sunday of next week due to all the downtime we had. The updates will still happen tonight, on the 13th. 


Today im here to announce the upcoming events and updates happening to SoupPvP. They will take place on saturday, the 12th of September. 


On Saturday we will be hosting a PvP tournament, Please come back to the site tomorrow to see what time it will start.


Before the event starts, there will be a big update for soup. Heres a list of what will be added.

  • Multiple new kits
  • New Anti Armor Breaking plugin, customly coded by Eclipse, developer. (Already added)
  • Chat improvment (Auto Announcments, chat format etc.)
  • Donor ranks will be removed. Upt ill now, donor ranks have been nothing but a prefix on soup as we dont belive in pay-to-win, so they will be removed. 
  • New arenas (Not comfirmed)
  • 1v1 Arena (not a dueling system, just a arena where people can 1v1. There will be multiple of these arenas.)
  • New staff being added to the team.

We hope ot see you there!

To get some updates on the updates, follow my twiter @NuxxyBoo

~Nuxxy, PvP Manager

[Member] _McDonaldsWifi_ im banned on soup pvp even though I have never played it with anyone. ;-;