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    OPMinecraft Release Date

    ToxicMC a posted Nov 7, 15

    Hello Players! Because we want to make OPMinecraft the best it can be for the opening day, we have decided to re-schedule the release date to:

     The release date is still unknown. 

    The reason for us delaying the opening is because we don't feel as it is the quality that it should be for us to release to the players. Sorry for the inconvienience!

    An update post to replace this will be posted with full network details and everything you need to know about OPMinecraft.

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    DontFightTheTip Do you know an exact date yet?

    Hello Superiors,

       Today I'm here to announce the winners of the creative building competition. The theme was Halloween and it has been going on this whole month, but withought further ado; The winners are as follows:

    1st Place - _WeAreAnonymous

    Build: Haunted Manor

    Prize: $30 Voucher For the Store + 1000 Plot Tokens

    2nd Place - PancakezIsBae

    Build: Haunted House

    Prize: 800 Plot Tokens

    3rd Place - ApertureWheatley & TheAwsomeGamer04

    Prize: 800 Plot Tokens

    4th Place - muscular_gnome

    Build: Assorted Pixel & 3D Art

    Prize: 100 Plot Tokens

       Hopefully anyone who participated had fun and if you didn't win, better luck next time. Check back for more events in the future. I hope to host another build contest again sometime soon.

    Until next time,

    - Tate / Dystopia
    Creative Manager

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