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EDIT: KitPvP Spectrum is being delayed by about 2 weeks due to the map makers not being able to be paid by the last of may. 

Hey guys! iTzTripelnox here with another update post. As you guys may know, the last update plan didn't really work out well and nothing has really gotten done. This is going to change...

I have been working towards a reset for kitpvp. It is going to include these things:

- New map
- Stats reset
- New chat format/coloring
- More active staff/better staffing 
- kits-redone
- Crates
- Ranks based on levels EX: lvl 50= Amature-PvPer rank. 
- KOTH/Cap points

For now have a great day and we look forward to seeing you at KitPvP Spectrum

- iTzTripelnox | KitPvP Manager | SoupPvP Manager
Twitter: @iTzTripelnox

Hey guys! Some of you may not know me so let me go ahead and introduce myself. My name is Jack Johnson, also known as the OPPrison Manager. I was recently given this position and I am working nonstop trying to make OPPrison even better. If any of you have suggestions, just post a thread here or msg me in game and we’ll talk! This post will contain the upcoming things that will occur on OPPrison, let’s get started.


OPPrison Economy:

Most of you have realized that it becomes extremely hard to rank up when you get to the rank O. That will be changing. The prices at the mines will be increased by a drastic amount making it easier to rankup, but still making it a prison server. This is happening because of what happens when new comers connect, make it far in the ranks and then realize it is about to take them two hours to rankup. If you have anymore suggestions about this please contact me.


OPPrison Events:

We recently had a FFA tournament on OPPrison that was very successful. It rose us up to about 49 players for the tournament which was fantastic. After that we had a Drop Party that was extremely fun also! This is going to become a daily thing. All events on OPPrison will be hosted by myself and BaileyyBoo aswell as other high ranked staff members.

P.S. Next event will be a little harder :)


OPPrison New Plugins:

If you haven’t realized already, there has been a trade plugin added. Just type /trade in game and it will show you the commands. Also, I have been getting a lot of requests for AutoSell to be worked on immediately. This plugin will be very efficient I can promise that. I do not have an exact ETA on when it will be released, but just keep a heads up for it! That last plugin I will talk about is none other than… Crates.. This plugin has been irking Ryan and I considering it literally does not want to be configured. We are still working on this plugin, we have not yet lost faith. So keep a heads up for this also!



I have been working extremely hard on OPPrison, finding new things to add, stuff like that. Yet, I am only one guy and can’t think of everything and monitor chat, watch hackers etc. What I am asking is, I want everyone to participate in making the server a better place. This disrespect I have encountered while on alternate accounts is unbelievable. It is just uncalled for! I know we can do better than this guys, just stay with me and play the game with a good attitude.




Twitter: MSJackMJohnson


[Member] Dang3r0us Very very very pumped as OPPrison is my favourite server, thanks alot Jack for making this so fun!
[Member] BaileyyBoo Yay! Hype, Also IINueII I think we are adding more ranks for you people who need Prestige 2 ! Alos a big surprise to see ...
[Member] IINueII Would love more prestiges to out but this is awesomer ...